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The Barker Line (De Calverhall)

Don, Jack and Tom Lowe are the
24th Great Grandson of Randulph De Calverhall:

Following is the genealogical record of the Barker family of Shropshire, England, from the year 1200 A. D. to the birth in February, 1648, of Samuel Barker, who in March, 1685, settled in New Castle county, Del. This was compiled from data collected through years of careful research by the Rev. William Gibbs Barker, of the Aston Manor branch of the family, who was born in 1811, and died in Philadelphia, 1897

This is a deep rooted English family. The ancestry in America may trace their lineage from four ancestors, all of whom left their English homes in the seventeenth century to try their destiny into the new world.

Samuel Barker, born in 1648, settled in New Castle county, Del., in 1685; Robert Barker and his brother, John Barker (who is sometimes referred to as Francis), settled in Plymouth, Mass., in 1626, having come over with the Pilgrims in 1620; and James Barker, of Shropshire, England, born in 1617, -settled in Rhode Island in or about 1634, having crossed on the ship Mary and John.

Samuel Barker was a descendant of John Barker, of Shropshire, England, who married, in 1549, Elizabeth Hill, a sister of Sir Rowland Hill, the first Protestant Lord Mayor of London. The two Massachusetts Barkers, Robert and John, were descendants of the same Barker family of Shropshire which Samuel Barker, of Delaware, and James Barker, of Rhode Island, are descended.

The Herald's Visitations of Salap commence the.pedigree of this family, whose name appears to have been originally Coverall or Calverhall, with Richard de Coverall, who married Margaret Pigot, and then pass over the intermediate generations to William Barker, also called Coverall, who married the heiress of the Goulstons of Goulston. The connecting links have been supplied from the Court Rolls of the Manors of Warfield and Claverley, and after about 1560 one begins to find parish church registers. In Domesday Book, Nigellus, a clerk, was lord of the manor of Calverhall or Coverhall, after which it passed into the king's hands, and he gave it to William de Dunstanville, who sublet it under the feudal system to these de Calverhalls.

In the reign of Edward II, the overlord of the manor was Bartholomew de Bercermere. In the civil wars which were incessantly waged, he was seized and hanged. The individuals of his manor probably shared in his disgrace and fall, and two of them appear to have fled southward, for in 1327 two men calling themselves le Bercer and le Smythe are found at Hallon and Hilton in the parish of AYarfield, where they probably followed the callings of shepherd and armorer respectively, and founded the two Warfield families of Barker and Smythe. Tradition averred that this Bercer was William de Calverhall; and his descendants, when after two hundred years they settled again the northern part of the county, at Claverley, Wolvcrton and Coleslrarst, seem to have re assumed the name of Covevf ll as an alias, so that they were known by both names. The name Barker is derived from the old Norman "bercer," which signified the elected herdsman of the village or manor.

. Then follow several generations of the de Calverhalls, among them Roger de Calverhall, until the male line as tenants of the manor of Calverhall became extinct, and the estate descended to Agnes de Calverhall, daughter and heiress, who married Hugh Dod, of Edge, whose family possessed Calverhall Manor until 1850.

But we find in 1327 William le Bercer, at Italian, in Warfield, County Salap. His son Roger le Barker, of Hallon, married Alice, who survived him. He died in 1368,possessed of large estates in Hallon. Roger le Barker left two sons:
I. William, of Hallon, married Margery, daughter of William Whorwood, died in 1411;

II. Robert, of Hallon, whose descendants long lived there. William Barker's son, Henry Barker, of Hallon, married Margery, daughter and heiress of Stephen Lovestick, of Hallan, who survived her husband. Henry Barker obtained land at Hallon from William Whorwood, and died in 1438. He left a son, William Barker, of Hallon, gentleman, who enjoyed great estates there, married Ann, daughter of John Colynson Roulowe, of Rowley, in Warfield, and died in 1480. This William Barker left two sons:

I. George Barker, of Hallon, who married Ellen Cumber, of Kinver, County Staff, and had a daughter, Ann Barker, who was the heiress of the Hallon estate; which estate passed by several heiresses to the Davenport family, which still holds it;

II. John, who married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of William Grene, of Aston Manor, in Claverley, Salap, and died at Aston in 1507, leaving a son, John Barker, of Aston, who married Margaret , and died in 1531; she outlived him, and died in 1538.

Humphrey Barker, son of John and Margaret ( ) Barker, had two sons:

I.Thomas Barker (alias Coverall);

II. William Barker (alias Coverall), who married first Margaret, daughter and heiress of John Goulston, of Goulston Cheswardine; she was buried at Claverley, November 26, 1576; and second, Frances, relict of William Whitmore, of Aston; she died in 1538, before her husband, who was buried at Claverley, October 30, 1590.

The children of William and Margaret (Goulston) Barker were as follows:

I. John, married first to Joyce, daughter of Edward Burton, and second, in 1549, to Elizabeth Hill, sister to Sir Rowland Hill, first Protestant Lord Mayor of London, from which latter marriage the Barkers of Wolverton are descended;

II. William, of Colcharat, County Salap, who married Joan, daughter of William Horne, and from whom the Barkers of Colcharat, Hopton Castle and Fairfield are descended;

III. Randulph, who for killing a man fled out of Shropshire, and from whom the Barkers of Little Over and Vale Royal, Chester, are descended;
IV. Richard.

Richard Barker, of Aston Hall, fourth son of William and Margaret (Goulston) Barker, took the oath of allegiance to James I. He was"buried at Claverley, February 12, 1609. His first marriage was with Joyce, daughter of Richard Colclough, and they had children:

I. William, died young, in 1569;

II. John;

III. Frances, died in 1576;

IV. Joan, born in 1572, died young. Mistress Joyce (Colclough) Barker died, and was buried in Claverley, June 25, 1572. Richard Barker then married Mary, daughter of Thomas Grainger; she died, it appears, without issue, and was buried at Claverley, October 9, 1576. The third marriage of Richard Barker was with Agnes Hatton, of Heathton, November 24, 1578.

Their children were:
I. Richard;

II. Elizabeth, born in 1582, died young;

III. Joan, born in 1584;

IV. Philip, born in 1590, died young;

V. Jane, born in 1591, died young;

VI. Thomas, born in 1595. Mistress Agnes (Hatton) Barker survived her husband eight years, died, and was buried at Claverley, April 30, , 1617. Thomas Barker, as the youngest son, inherited Aston Manor. He married in 1621, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Smythe, of Hilton; Thomas Barker died in 1644, and his wife in 1672; they were the ancestors of the Barkers of Aston Manor. Aston Hall remained in the possession of the Barker family for about three hundred years. It came to John Barker, who died in 1509, with his wife, Elizabeth Grene, the heiress of Aston, and it remained with his descendants until 1748, when Matthias Barker, the heir, sold it. It afterwards passed into the hands of the Bracebridges, and is the original of Irving's Bracebridge Hall.

John Barker, second son of Richard and Joyce (Colclough) Barker, was baptized October 21, 1570. He was church warden at Claverley church in 1620, and was buried there May 11, 1638. He married in 1610 Eleanor, daughter of Nicholas Fregleton; she was baptized at Claverley in 1588, married August 8, 1610, and was buried at Claverley, May 1, 1646. Their son, John Barker, of Aston, was baptized at Claverly, July 11,1611, married Mary , who survived him, and was buried at Claverley, July 28, 1682. They had children:

I. Mary, born in 1636;

II. John, of Nether Hoo, was born in 1641, married in 1700 to Elizabeth Woolryche, and from them are descended the Barkers of Congreve;

III. Frances, born in 1643, died in 1644;

IV. Margerv, born in 1644.

Richard Barker, who died in 1609, had by his wife, Agnes Hatton, a son, Richard Barker, who was baptized October 20, 1579, and buried April 25, 1636. He married Dorothy Whorwood; their children were:

I. Frances, born and died in 1611;

II. Ambrose, baptized August 20,1612, has no known descendants:

III. John Barker, baptized April 21, 1616;

IV. Richard Barker, born in 1625. John Barker, the third of the above named children of Richard and Dorothy (Whorwood) Barker, had several children, as follows: i. Samuel, baptized at Claverley church, Shropshire, England, February 22, 1648, emigrated, it appears, to "New England," Delaware, bought two hundred acres of land on Red Clay Creek, New Castle county, built himself a residence thereon, married and left numerous descendants, died in 1720, and was buried in Old Swedes' churchyard, Wilmington, Del., July 25, 1720 (see church records); ii. Anne, born in 1651, died in 1713; iii. Sarah, born in 1653; iv. Joseph, born in 1656, from whom the Barkers of Coleshill, Warwickshire, England, are descended; v. Jeremiah, born in 1660, has no known descendants.

The oldest Barker family document extant is believed to be one of which the following is a copy. It was written by Elizabeth, widow of Matthias Barker, of Ashton Manor, who died in 1727, aged 45.

"The life of Matthias Barker represented to his children.

"Thy father was a strict observer of the Sabbath, a constant Frequenter of the Ordinances, a diligent Reader of God's "Word; a Reprover of Vice and an Encouragcr of Virtue; a diligent Instructor of his Family; he was much in Praying, Laborious in his Calling, Serviceable to his Neighbors and Faithful to his Friends. In a Word, he was Temperate, Meek, Patient, Peaceable, Humble, Honest, and Heavenly-minded. These and the like Virtues were conspicuous in Thy Father: Go thou and do likewise: Luke 10th, v. 57. Tho' your Father be dead and buried, let his Virtues live in your Practice.

"Altho' your father in the grave be laid,

Tread you his steps; you need not be afraid

But you the heaven of heavens shall see,

And reign with Him to all eternity."

The Hallon Manor, in Warfield, County Salap, the original family seat of the Barker family, was in possession of the Barkers for two hundred and fifty years when the heiress married one of the Wanuertons. It was called Ballon, after a Saxon chief of that name, who fought a battle in the fields below, and crossed the river at the spot now called Hallon's Ford.

With regard to the wives of these Barker ancestors: The Pigots of Willaston were an old Shropshire family, claiming descent from one Roger Picot, who came from Normandy, in 1066; the Whorwoods of Compton and Babbington were a Staffordshire family who afterwards intermarried a good deal with the Barkers. William Whorwood left some lands in Hallon to Henry, son of William Barker; of the Lovesticks of Hallon nothing is known, but Margery was a considerable heiress; the name is probably a corruption from Lestock, the Rowleys of Rowley are an old and renowned Warfield family, their original name being Roulowe. One of Anne's ancestors, Roger de Roulowe, was slain at Evesham,fighting oncof the rebellious barons, but the name was probably Saxon rather than Norman in its origin; the Grenes of Aston; it was by marriage with their heiress that the Barkers obtained most of the Aston estate. The pedigree goes back for several generations, but with no detail; they seem to have been originally Yorkshire folk. The Colcloughs were an old Staffordshire family of consideration; Richard, the father of Joyce, was mayor of Newcastle-under-Tyne in 1478, and married a daughter of the well known Davenport family.

The descendants of Samuel Barker (1685) of New Castle county, Del., as compiled by Jesse J. Barker, of Philadelphia, in 1898, are as follows:

Samuel Barker was baptized in Claverley church, County Salap, England, February 22,1648. To Samuel Barker a grant was made by William Penn, March 27,' 1685, of two hundred acres of land in Christiana hundred, near what is now called Barker's Bridge, Del. This was the old homestead of the Barker family, and remained in their hands until the death of William Barker, about 1840. Samuel Barker, 1, died intestate in July, 17:20, at an advanced age, and was buried in Old Swedes' churchyard, in Wilmington, Del., July 25, 1720. He left four children:

I. Joseph, 2, who died about January, 1755;

II. Daniel, 2, who died about 1750;

III. Mary, 2, married in St. Paul's church, Chester, Pa., September 25, 1706, to William Richardson;

IV. Anna (Mrs. William Hicks). All of these children left descendants.

Joseph Barker, 2, son of Samuel Barker, 1, was married September 27, 1716, in Old Swedes' church, Wilmington, to Johanna Clayton. He died about January 20, 1755, which was the date of probate of his will, leaving three children, but no widow; both his wife and their daughter, Maria, born September 24, 1718, having apparently died before him. The surviving children were:

I. Samuel, 3;

II. Rebecca, 3 (Mrs. Few);

III. Susanna, 3 (Mrs. Edward Carrill), married in Old Swedes' church, Wilmington, in 1744.

Samuel Barker, 3, son of Joseph, 2, and Johanna (Clayton) Barker, was born, it appears, at the old Barker homestead, near Barker's Bridge, New Castle county, Del., March 20, 1721; the birthplace of all his children seems to have been the same. He was baptized in Old Swedes' church, Wilmington, March 21, 1721. He died in 1803; his will was probated October 27 of the same year. Samuel Barker, 3, was married to Rachel, daughter of Jeremiah Ball; she was born July 24, 1732, and survived her husband. He was a vestryman at St. James' church, Stanton, Del., in 1791-92, and in 1801. His children were as follows:

I. Mary, 4, born about 1752, married May 9, 1773, at New Castle, Del., to Mosos McKnight;

II. Joseph, 4, born June 10, 1754, married three times, (1) Mary Collins, (2) Agnes Sipple, (3) Margaret Laws;

III. Esther, 4, (Mrs. Theophilus Evans), born in August, 1757:

IV. Abner, 4, born July 31, 1760, removed to Pittsburg, Pa., and in 1800 married Ellen Scandrett;

V. Jeremiah, 4, born February 22, 1764, married Sally, daughter of Governor Heth, of Virginia;

VI. William, 4, born near Barker's Bridge, Del., served during the war of the Revolution in a Delaware regiment, was in the battle of the Brandywine and other engagements, never married, died about 1840 on the Barker homestead near Stanton, Del.;

VII. Rachel, 4, (Mrs. Joseph Evans), born October 24, 1769;

VIII. Abraham, 4, was a vestryman of St. James' church, Stanton, Del., in 1797, died soon after his father from the kick of a horse;

IX. Jesse.

Jesse Barker, 4, youngest son of Samuel and Rachel (Ball) Barker, was born about 1772, and died unmarried in New York City, July 26, 1852. In early life he left the old homestead, and with his brothers, Abner, Joseph and Jeremiah, went to reside in Pittsburgh, Pa. He and Abner were large and successful merchants there, prospering greatly. Jesse Barker withdrew from the time about 1807 or 1808, and after traveling for a time, settled in Paris, France, where he became a banker and broker in the Bursae, and made a large fortune. In July, 1842, he returned to America, and settled in New York, where his death occurred July 28, 1852, at the age of about eighty years.

Joseph Barker, eldest son of Samuel and Rachel (Ball) Barker, served with distinction in the Revolutionary War; he was captain of the ship General Montgomery (marines), 14 guns, 120 men, in 1776, and of the Artillery in 1777. His burial place is at Barker's Landing, near Magnolia, Del. Mary Collins, to whom Joseph Barker was married February 21, 1779, was born May 25, 1763, daughter of Hon. Thomas Collins, last colonial governor of Delaware; she died December 27, 1793, survived by four of her six children. On February 7, 1797, Joseph Barker married Agnes Sipple, who died November 12, of the same year. The third wife of Captain Barker was Margaret, eldest daughter of Hon. John Laws, formerly judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Sussex county, Del. She was born in 1777, married February 19, 1799, and died August 2, 1819, in the forty-third year of her age. Her remains were interred in the Old Swedes' churchyard, Wilmington.
Randulph De Calverhall (1160 - 1200)
William Fitz Ralph De Calverhall (1185 - 1219)
William De Calverhall (1210 - 1255)
William De Calverhall (1235 - 1284)
Randulph DeCalverhall (1260 - 1319)
William LeBarker (1294 - 1337)
Roger Le Barker (1322 - 1368)
William BARKER (1349 - 1411)
Henry Barker (1388 - 1438)
William Barker (1379 - 1480)
John Barker (1400 - 1475)
John Barker (1420 - 1500)
William Barker (1440 - 1560)
William Barker (1500 - 1590)
William Barker (1550 - 1594)
John Barker (1594 - 1678)
Samuel Barker (1648 - 1720)
Daniel Barker (1704 - 1748)
Nicholas Barker (1737 - 1826)
John Barker (1771 - 1849)
Matthew BARKER (1797 - 1848)
John BARKER (1826 - 1908)
William Barker (1857 - 1943)
John Edwin Barker (1881 - 1972)
Josephine Lucille Barker (1914 - 1980)
Don Dolph Lowe (1938 - 1994) Jack Lowe, Tom Lowe


david said...

I have photographs of Jospeh Gibbs Barker and Rev. Mattias and Rev. Willaim Barker and an album of anonymous Philadelphia and Belgian Barkers. Maybe you can help me put names to them.

David Hare

david said...

I have photographs of Joseph Gibbs Barker; Rev. Mattias and Rev. William Barker and an album of unidentified Philadelphia and, Hamburg and Belgian photgraphs from the 1870's, maybe you can help me put some names to them. David Hare

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Researching my half sister's line, (not mine!) much of the info is similar, but she is from the group that left DE and went to NC, Chatham County then Tenn, and then N.CAl. Do you communicate with any of these people?

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Fascinating history, thank you for sharing. My mothers father was Claire Phillip Barker 1907-1953 and I am researching on

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Do you possibly have any record of a line of Barkers living in Caswell Co, North Carolina. I am descended from David Edward Barker (1761-1839) who married Sarah Cochran (1761-1835) and had children, Hohn Elizabeth, William, James, David, and George.

Just curious if your research on your Barkers could shed some light on how my Barkers fit in, if they fit in at all!


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I am researching my hubands line, and we are currently trying to verify records for William Barker (1340-1411)Who was married to Margery Wharwood (1369-?). I tried to make sense of your information posted above but got a little lost. What I would be interested to know is your records on his children. We have listed Henry Barker and Richard Barker. My husband is descended from Henry's line. Any information would be welcome. Thank you, Natalie Barker